German by Skype with the direct method
Online German lessons with a teacher 



Direct method - direkte Methode.

We teach German with direct method - you will learn in similar way, like you've learned your mother language. Instead of learning grammar from boring boooks, you will learn through conversation with our teacher. You will be surprised, how fast and how much you'll learn in a short period.


Learning online, by Skype.

Our German course is conducted by skype. The teacher conducts the lesson only with you in real time. You can have a lesson even if you for example must go abroad. Just connect your notebook or tablet to internet, connect to our teacher and let the German lesson begin!


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Every lesson lasts 50 min. 

  • 16 lessons - 199 Euro
  • 32 lessons - 379 Euro
  • 64 lessons - 719 Euro

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